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UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 - ATEX - PED etc.
Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators in 16 different dimensions
- Spring Return Actuators
- Double Acting Actuators

Rack and pinion working system which assures constant torque, strength and reduced overall dimensions.
All G.T. ATTUATORI actuators can be easily field converted from Double Acting to Spring Return type by inserting the correct number of spring cartridges to the Double Acting unit, thus eliminating bulky housing extensions, saving weight and space. Specially designed and preloaded self-containing spring cartridges are completely contained before end caps screws release, ensuring the safest installation and removal.

Standard execution temperature range: -20°C (4°F) to +90°C (194°F)
Special execution (on request) range: -40°C (-40°F) to +160°C (320°F)
External protection: corrosion strength to 500 hours in salted fog, as ASTM B 117-73.
Each actuator is branded with a progressive serial number for easy identification and traceability.
100% of actuators are working and sealing tested.


The G.T. ATTUATORI position indicator enclosure and brackets is fabricated using a die cast aluminum process and then coated with a heat cured polyester powder epoxy.
Each position indicator comes equipped with a bracket which may be adjusted vertically for use with standard NAMUR stem heights (ie: 20mm., 30mm., 50mm.) and an other G.T. Attuatori stem height (40mm.).
In addition the bracket may easily be adjusted for the different NAMUR top mounting hole spacing (including 80mm. and 130mm.) by inverting the bracket members.

Certified EExd IIB T6 IP 66
Certification N° CESI: EX-99.E.080


Electropneumatic positioners operating with a 4 /20 mA or 0/10 Volts input signal.
May operate actuators with 90° to 240° of rotation.
Each device requires a 24V DC power supply.
Operating temperature range -20° +80°C.
Information regarding installation and operation available upon request.

NAMUR Solenoid Valves
5 ways solenoid valves, with single solenoid or double solenoid , with distinctive feature to be easily converted in 3 ways type with the simple rotation of the switching disk.                                                 
135.000 actuators per year          
Covered Area: 4500 sq.m. - Uncovered Area: 8000 sq.m.
Mr. Giovanni Trevisan
MAIN MARKET           
Europe 50% - USA 20% - Italy 20% - Others 10%